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How To Care For And Love Each Enneagram Type

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Empower your first step in achieving your dreams.

This Enneagram guide will give insights into the specific goal-setting challenges of your personality type. By identifying these challenges, you will start taking steps to overcome them and start the journey toward achieving your goals.

    Are you tired of feeling stuck?

    Seize control of your desires
    and boldly shape the life you envision.

    Take decisive action now to live
    the life you truly want and deserve!

    Transform Your Life Through Determining Your Unique Focus

    Create a New Mindset and Gain New Skills

    Get different results by changing your thought patterns. Gain skills you will use to accomplish what you want in life. 

    Understand Your Unique Personality

    Identify your Enneagram Type and how motivations affect your behavior and goal achievement.

    Define Your Passions and Dreams

    We will guide you through a process to identify what you are passionate about and what you hope to accomplish in life. 

    Develop And Achieve Worthwhile Goals

    Discover what strategies and techniques work best for your personality type so you can go beyond simply wishing or making resolutions. Utilize a proven approach to create powerful, robust goals that can help you live a fulfilling life. 

    Focus On What’s Most Important

    Accomplish more by learning to focus on what is essential rather than chasing a never-ending to-do list. 

    Develop Consistent Habits and Rituals

    The habits and routines you develop will help you achieve your goals and live a balanced life. Stop guessing what you need to do to get results.

    What are you putting off?

    • A deeper relationship with your spouse?
    • Getting your finances in order?
    • Taking a dream vacation?
    • Starting your business?

    You hold the key to making these dreams a reality by discovering what motivates and challenges you. 
    The answers to these questions can help you accomplish what you want most.

    It’s never too late to begin the journey.

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    Join Me On The Journey

    It can be frustrating to set goals and work toward a productive day only to find yourself overwhelmed and giving up. I know. Before I discovered the Enneagram and the Full Focus Planner, I struggled to define and reach my goals. As I grew to understand myself and learned to use the planner, I began to achieve things I never imagined possible.

    I founded Terrie Power Coaching so that I could share this with others.

    I specialize in developing a coaching program to help you uncover your true self, discover your passions, and realize your dreams.  


    Terrie Power
    Owner and Certified Coach
    Terrie Power Coaching

    From Our Clients

    “The biggest help for me has been implementing the FFP Weekly Preview and establishing daily rituals. Terrie showed me why those are important and provided great guidance in helping me create them for my life and work. Those have been a game changer for me.”

    Aaron S.


    “Using my personality type and the Full Focus Planner, Terrie worked with me to achieve some of the goals I kept putting off.”

    Katie C.


    “Terrie is able to utilize her amazing skill as an Enneagram coach to guide you through becoming self-aware, identify obstacles hindering progress and then use the gospel to build practical strategy into your life. She has a gift to allow you to open up in ways that will make you so vulnerable, but she knows how to handle it all.”

    Vannessa B.


    Trusted Guidance


    A personality typing system that describes nine basic patterns and how people interpret the world and manage their emotions.

    Uniquely Focused Program


    A powerful approach to developing a unique path to goal achievement.

    Full Focus Planner Certified Pro Badge

    Full Focus Planner

    A planner system allows you to focus on the work that matters and develop a balanced life. It helps you work smarter, not harder.

    Stop Wishing and Start Doing

    To realize your dreams, you need a system. But not just any system–one that is designed for your unique personality.

    Not a one-size-fits-all approach–a system tailored to YOU.

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    Understand your own language for achieving your goals and increasing your productivity through the Enneagram.

    Don’t know your Enneagram type?

    My Services

    Coaching Program

    Join me for individual and/or group coaching.

    Virtual Workshops

    Interactive workshops to help you discover your
    authentic self and achieve your goals.

    Speaking Engagements

    Let me join your group to discuss the Enneagram and/or the
    Full Focus Planner in the area of your needs.

    Find the Confidence to Live the Life You Want

    Let’s schedule a free consulting call and determine the best way to help you transform your life.  In a 50-minute call, we will work on a plan to start making your dreams a reality.  

    Schedule your free no no-obligations Zoom call today.

    Coaching with Terrie has provided authentic encouragement and practical strategies for reaching personal and professional goals. Her guidance in understanding my Enneagram type has helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how those affect my approach to goal setting, victories, and failures. Her Full Focus Planner training is teaching me to define goals and create strategies and schedules that work for my personality. Using the Planner has allowed me to find margin and prioritize tasks. I am more productive in my work and more present for my family.

    Heather C, Texas

    Coaching with Terrie helped me figure out my personality type and helped me understand my behaviors in work situations, at home, and in friend circles -it gave me accountability. I felt accomplished by cutting down my “to do” list and intentionally changing my routine to reinforce the changes I needed to make to achieve my goals. In addition, she helped me to be more at peace with myself. She encouraged me as I made progress, was frank with me in a gentle way, offered me multiple ideas to address my obstacles, and provided me with the accountability I needed. Understanding my personality helped me accept myself better and know why I behaved the way I did. I feel more at peace and am having the best year I have ever had in my career.

    Kam W, Texas

    I was lucky to do both Enneagram and MBTI coaching with Terrie and it revolutionized how I see myself and move through life. I knew a good amount about both frameworks before working with her but hoped to learn how to use them for personal growth. Terrie taught me things I'd never heard before for both frameworks. She also sat compassionately with me as I uncovered things about how I operate I had never realized. Better connecting with myself has made a huge difference in how I connect with other people and my work. I know I'll continue to see those benefits grow for a long time. I cannot recommend Terrie enough!

    Britney P, North Carolina

    Terrie has been amazing to work with! I love her integration of the Full Focus System with the Enneagram Personality Types. I have gained so much self-awareness about how I work, how my emotions drive my actions, and how my brain thinks. Knowing all of that has allowed me to more effectively utilize the Full Focus System and just be mindful of my habits and why I do what I do. The individual coaching has been great, but it has also been helpful to have the group cohort to connect with as well to share tips and tricks on how each of us works to overcome our challenges and accomplish our goals. Terrie is a phenomenal facilitator and coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an individual coach or even for someone that is more comfortable in a group setting.

    Chris H, New York