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Looking for a unique and engaging speaker or workshop leader for your next event?


Terrie is the Enneagram and Productivity expert you want to deliver your message.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop leader to inspire your group, provide focused insights, or need an Enneagram expert for your organization’s event, Terrie is relevant and knowledgeable while making the content fun and actionable.
An engaging and sought-after speaker, Terrie makes an impact with her inspirational, insightful messages to in-person and virtual audiences. Organizations and event hosts hire Terrie to inspire and inform their teams and audiences on topics ranging from team dynamics to Enneagram workshops and productivity planner prep.

She can design a program individualized to your group unique structure or needs.

Here are a few topics Terrie can speak about or facilitate a workshop.

Through the Lens of the Enneagram

The workshop offers an introduction to the nine Enneagram types and is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to determine what their type is or for those wondering what to do next on their Enneagram journey. It is a fun team-building activity or a way for a group of friends to get to know each other better.

Work Focused Enneagram

This workshop focuses on utilizing the Enneagram in the professional space with a growth trajectory for each type that helps foster team cohesiveness and communication. There is a brief overview of each type, but the key points that show each type’s values and needs, gifts they bring to the workplace, pitfalls to watch out for and dynamics of types working together.

Through the Spiritual Lens of the Enneagram

Approaching the Enneagram with a biblical view to understanding how to utilize it for spiritual growth, this workshop will help you gain insight into the ways their Enneagram type reflects God, leans into the weakness and growth, and spiritual practices specific for each type.

Overview of the Full Focus Planner

Terrie, a Full Focused Certified Pro, will walk your team through the Full Focus Planner System of goal achievement and productivity. Areas to be discussed: goal writing, big 3 tasks, habits and rituals and weekly/quarterly review

Focused Enneagram

Learn how your Enneagram type affects your goal achievement and productivity by looking at how each type views goal setting, habits, rituals, and organizations.

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Have a specific topic in mind or a particular need for your group. An individualized workshop or speaking topic can be designed to meet your needs.